Investigation 1

August 29, 2014

SMC B206

Mr. Caswell

Investigation 1

          Honeybees seem to be under constant threat throughout the world. A major

hindrance towards their survival is the dozens of different pesticides being used. One

study from Poland’s National Veterinary Research Institute found that as many as 57

different pesticides were found in poisoned honeybees from Europe. It’s important that

the honeybee population doesn’t dramatically decrease, because they help with the

growing process in regards to many different foods which are consumed daily.

          Also, the less food there is to harvest, the more unemployed farmers there will be

who are responsible for harvesting. It’s no surprise that bee are important to the

economy, as they in fact contribute around $235-577 billion annually. The food chain is

also impacted, as animals who rely on food pollinated by bees might not be around as

much. This means that humans might not have as much meat to eat, as meat and

vegetables are some of the most common food groups humans use to survive throughout

their entire lifetimes.

          Bayer, a German leading chemical seller deemed to be responsible for harming many

bees, was at one point faced with a petition with over a million signatures signed with the

desire for them to stop making such products. Werner Baumann, the CEO of Bayer,

responded by basically saying that the chemicals are only dangerous when used

incorrectly. It’s said that the decrease in the number of bees in the world was to do with

other reasons, such as bad weather conditions. That being said, however, it’s still

important to ensure pesticides are used in such a way that they don’t affect bees,humans,

or anyone else they’re not intended for.

          One argument against the idea that bees are dying out is that although bee

vanishings have been happening for centuries, these incidents are really only major in the

United States and Europe. Considering the rest of the world’s bee colonies, the bee

population is actually increasing. Even then, it’s not too difficult to replace bees to begin

with, as queens can be bought. Although reducing the amount of pesticides for the sake of

saving bees could potentially let the number of crop-damaging insects survive. That’s

perhaps the biggest reason as to why the use pesticides can’t be stopped altogether.

Therefore, we must be cautious when eliminating the harmful insects, as it should be in

our best interest not to devastate the population of the helpful ones.


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