Investigation 7

October 14, 2016

SMC B206

Mr. Caswell

Investigation 7

          Despite Ohio, Texas and Oklahoma making it illegal to ban fracking in their states,

the Florida Senate shut down a bill created to stop fracking bans in 2016. Similarly,

Miami-Dade County banned fracking in their county outright and cited the main reason to

be because of the concern of contamination. Specifically, the Biscayne Aquifier, a water

supply where many of the residents of South Florida get water from. Daniella Levine Cana,

a commissioner from District 8, went on to say that it would be such a nightmare in the

case the residents’ water supply were to be put in jeopardy.

          Daniella went as so far to say that she was very distressed regarding the issue and

would want fracking to be banned. Similarly, Gwen Graham, a U.S. Representative of

Florida’s 2nd District, applauded the Department of Environmental Protection for deciding

to delay oil and gas testing in certain counties. She explained that water is important, both

environmentally and economically, and that other people from the 2nd Congressional

District appear to agree in saying that the fracking process could threaten their water,

perhaps even their way of life. It is rather interesting how much of Florida has chosen to

be against what other states largely seem to have no issue with.

          Earlier in 2016, the Florida House had approved a bill which was created to study and

regulate fracking, despite the Democrats strongly opposing the practice on the basis of

contamination, damage, sickness, and the negative impact on Florida’s tourism. Some

have made the argument that, under law in Florida, this process is already allowed, and all

the bill would do is ensure safety. Avon Park medical doctor and Republican

Representative Cary Pigman said that having a no risk, all safety situation can’t happen, as

fracking has unpredictable effects. It is argued mining and farming are like this as well,

and society needs those processes, along with fracking. Adding onto this, the democrats

outright made the argument that fracking should be banned by the lawmakers, not


          In response, many people in Florida voiced that they wanted a ban on fracking, as

opposed to more regulations. In fact, dozens of cities in Florida either want to locally ban

fracking or have a ban on a statewide-level altogether. Unsurprisingly, their desire to have

no fracking is mainly due to them being concerned of the process threatening to

negatively affect the water sources and environment in their vicinities.


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