The Effects of Fracking


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1. Fracking has helped lower natural gas prices throughout the past several years.

2. It has benefited the US’s economy through being able to extract tremendous amounts of natural gas

now more than ever before.

3. Despite the benefits, however, fracking has polluted the air by emitting harmful compounds, such as

benzene, and smog formed by the machinery used to for the process.

4. Fracking has also resulted in hundreds of cases of water pollution throughout the US as a result of

chemical spills.

5. It has spread to rural areas and cleared the land of their many trees in order to build new sites, as

well as increase the level of seismic activity to the point of causing earthquakes.

6. Fracking, although beneficial to the economy, should still be kept under careful supervision so as not

to have many others negatively affected.

7. Any questions?

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